Weekly Review, July 20-24, 2015

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Friday, July 24th, 2015 @ 11:12PM

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Left: The supreme leader (centre) told supporters that US policies in the Middle East are diametrically opposed to Iran’s policies, credit: BBC

Congress Must Hold Obama Accountable for His Deception Over Iran; By lying and withholding information about the agreement, he gives aid and comfort to America’s enemyAndrew C. McCarthy

Meanwhile, at The Hauge… Of the ways to go after Israel, there is no endJeremy Rabkin – Across the Middle East, there is concern about the nuclear deal with Iran. By releasing frozen assets and removing economic sanctions, the deal seems to facilitate renewed aggression. Won’t that encourage more violence from Iranian terror proxies, like Hezbollah and Hamas? The international community is preparing its response. While the world’s attention is focused on the Western settlement with Iran…continue

“Roots of the Problem” – Excerpts from U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron Speech on Radicalism – On July 20, 2015, Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron presented his plan to defeat domestic Islamist Extremism (and how to stop it.).. Here are some excerpts: “It begins – it must begin – by understanding the threat we face and why we face it. What we are fighting, in Islamist extremism, is an ideology. It is an extreme doctrine…continue

The Saudis and the Iran Nuclear Agreement – Rachel Ehrenfeld – Relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia remain tense, despite Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter’s visit there today. According to the Saudi English language daily Arab News,  King Salman and his son, Defense Minister and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, “reviewed relations between the Kingdom and the United States of America, especially in the military fieldscontinue

Iran: The Closer You Look, The Worse It GetsNorman Bailey – Close examination of the nuclear agreement with Iran reveals just how much it will damage the West and boost the ayatollahs… Here are other implications of the six-power-Iran agreement that have been largely overlooked… Iran will begin pumping oil again and exporting every drop that it can in order to raise more funds (along with the 100+ billion frozen dollars to be released by the US). This will…continue

Obama’s Iran HoaxRachel Ehrenfeld – Shortly after the UN Security Council (UNSC) unanimously endorsed the Joint  Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between Iran and the P5+1, on July 20, 2015, Iran’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement reiterating that “the country’s ballistic missile program and capability… fall outside the scope and the jurisdiction of the UNSC resolution and its annexes. Thus it remains untouched and unrestricted by the UN Security Council Resolution 2231.” This was…continue

News & Analysis

Congress Must Hold Obama Accountable for His Deception Over Iran; By lying and withholding information about the agreement, he gives aid and comfort to America’s enemyAndrew McCarthy

Iran Deal: A potential kiss of death for liberalism in the Middle EastAhramonline

Iran Is Working with al Qaeda. So why are we working with Iran?Thomas Joscelyn

Iran deal with US brings thousands to Times Square protestAP

Hearing on Iran nuclear deal opens with sharp GOP criticismWashington Post

Obama stakes his legacy on the nuclear accordHussein Ibish

Iran says UN can’t ban ballistic missiles under nuke deal. After Security Council endorses pact, Tehran claims prohibition on missile development not relevant to world body, adds atomic watchdog won’t want to inspect military – AFP, Times of Israel

To balance the nuclear deal, defeat Isis and confront IranPhilip Zelikow

ISIS set up stronghold in the heart of Europe as terrorists secretly buy land near an isolated villageMirror UK

All Roads Lead to Syria Walter Russell Mead

How To Rescue Iraq From Obama’s FollyAlexander Woolfson

Putin, Obama Now Together ‘Without Ukraine’ and Even ‘Against Ukraine,’ Illarionov SaysPaul Goble

Lukashenka’s Belarus on the Brink of an Explosion, Warsaw Paper SaysPaul Goble

Capitol Hill


The Iran Nuclear Deal and its Impact on Terrorism Financing Financial Services Committee – July 22

Ending “Too Big to Fail”: What is the Proper Role of Capital and Liquidity?Financial Services Committee – July 23

America’s Security Role in the South China Sea – Foreign Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific – July 23


Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Foreign Relations Committee – July 23

Protecting the Electric Grid from the Potential Threats of Solar Storms and Electromagnetic PulseHomeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee – July 22

GAO Reports

Defense Infrastructure: Improvements in DOD Reporting and Cybersecurity Implementation Needed to Enhance Utility Resilience Planning – GAO-15-749, July 23, 2015

Combating Terrorism: State Should Evaluate Its Countering Violent Extremism Program and Set Time Frames for Addressing Evaluation Recommendations – GAO-15-684, Jul 22, 2015

Critical Infrastructure Protection: DHS Action Needed to Verify Some Chemical Facility Information and Manage Compliance Process – GAO-15-614, July 22, 2015

Critical Infrastructure Protection: Preliminary Observations on DHS Efforts to Address Electromagnetic Threats to the Electric Grid – GAO-15-692T, Jul 22, 2015

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