Areas of Expertise

The American Center for Democracy team’s exceptional knowledge derived from applied understanding of the economic, political, and strategic implications of untraditional and evolving threats. ACD has been developing unique and effective strategies to identify and mitigate such threats.

In ACD, an important focus of our work is to develop solutions and paths forward that result in a safer and more efficient society without eroding the basic freedoms and values that underpin our democracy Houston T. (Terry) Hawkins, Senior Fellow, Senior Scientist Principal Associate Directorate for Global Security , Los Alamos National Laboratory, and member ACD Board of Directors, 

The ACD/EWI team specializes in economic warfare, transnational criminal and terrorist organizations and their links and purposeful interference in civilian infrastructure, including the financial markets, etc. We provide knowledge based analysis and risk assessment in articles, white papers, Blog posts special briefings and scenario/war gaming. We identify methods and strategies used by radical regimes and groups and criminal gangs to subvert Western political and economic systems.


Economic Warfare | Purposeful Interference (Cyber/GPS | Energy/Electric Grid | Finance | Banking | Commodities | Trade | U.S. Policy | Economic Sanctions | Corruption | Cultural Warfare | Free Speech | Lawfare | Muslim Brotherhood | Middle East Conflicts | Anti-Corruption | Hezbollah | Illegal Drugs | International Institutions (UN, IMF, World Bank, EU) | International Law | Markets & Companies | Money Laundering/Transparency/Tax Evasion | Shari’a Banking & Finance | Terrorism & Terrorist Funding | Transnational Crime


Australasia | China & Northeast Asia | Latin America | Middle East & Africa | Russia & East Europe | South & Central Asia | Southeast Asia | United States, Canada & Mexico | Western Europe