About ACD


The ACD is dedicated to exposing threats to our free speech rights, political and economic freedoms and national security.

ACD is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


ACD fills an important gap created by inadequate risk assessments of our cyberspace, GPS & UTC. We use our Threatcon programs, our multidimensional Terrorist Finance Network Tracker (TFNT), and our experts to better inform government, public and private sectors’ policy makers.


• ACD’s synergistic approach to connect the dots on emerging threats is facilitated by extensive multidisciplinary global research in various languages. We publish our knowledge-based analysis and use the information to offer special tools to help prevent and mitigate such threats.

• ACD’s Threatcon, offers individually tailored programs of briefing and scenario gaming to encourage government, public and private sectors to cooperate in preventing and mitigating the risks to our political and economic freedoms and to our national security.

• ACD’s Terrorist Finance Network Tracker (TFNT), a unique anti money laundering (AML) system, is using a multidimensional approach to build and regularly update a comprehensive database identifying operational and financial networks of transnational radical Islamic groups.

“Lean and agile, ACD/EWI is always ahead of the next threat: cyber attacks, market manipulation , the use of legal structures to inhibit free speech and stifle debate”- Richard Perle, former Assistant Secretary of Defense


ACD Initiatives:

  • 2013- Libel Law Reform in the U.K. influenced by “Rachel’s Law” and the “SPEECH Act”
  • 2011- Receiving the Sappho award from the International Free Press Society
  • 2010- “SPEECH Act”– Protecting American publishers from enforcement of foreign libel judgment, was signed into law. Similar laws passed in 10 states.
  • 2008- “Rachel’s Law”– The Libel Terrorism Protection Act enacted in New York State
  • Observing elections in newly developing democracies in the former Soviet Republics & North Africa
  • Consulting USAID, foreign governments and international organizations on anti-corruption measures
  • First to expose the Palestinian Authority’s ongoing corruption
  • Pioneering the identification program of potential terrorist financiers
  • Expert Testimony on terrorist financing in U.S. Congress, Canadian and EU Parliaments
  • Consulting PBS and other national and international documentaries
  • Congressional and public briefings


Offers a centralized, comprehensive resource that connects the dots on conventional and non-conventional threats to national security and the economy.

“The ACD/EWI Blog is an invaluable source for a broad range of information about the risks to the West from economic attack, particularly from the militant Muslim world.” – Michael B. Mukasey, former U.S. Attorney General 


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