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Welcome to the Publications section of the ACD website. Here you can find a comprehensive listing of the books, briefings and other materials produced by or with ACD in our areas of expertise, and more.

Opinion editorials, exclusive articles and papers by ACD fellows published on the ACD website and media outlets can be found at Articles sections below.

Please visit our Books link to read more on Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld’s books on narco-terrorism and terrorist financing.

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Contributors are Norman A. Bailey, J. Millard Burr, Gordon N. Brados Stephen Bryen, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Houston “Terry” Hawkins, Leslie Lebl, Gene H. McCall, Sol W. Sanders, David Stuckenberg, David Hamon, Phillip Barton, Daniel Corrin, and others. Articles on ACD by these authors can be found using the search bar on the top of every page of this website.


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