A Few Examples:

06-10-2015: GPS Vulnerability: Options and Alternatives

  • By Dr. Gene H. McCall
  • Los Alamos, New Mexico

02-19-2014: White Paper on The Impact of Purposeful on U.S. Cyber Interests

  • By Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ph.D.
  • Co-Sponsored and Hosted by the Homeland Security Policy Institute, George Washington University

07-2013: The Existential EMP Threat

  • Supported by Artemis Strategies
  • Sponsored by EMP Coalition

04-09-2013: CyberThreats & The Economy, New Strategies to Secure Our Economy

  • ACD/EWI Briefing
  • George Mason University Law School

2010 – Mycoherbicides and Alternative Development: How the United States Can Defeat Narco-Terrorism;  Chapman Law Review, Vol 13, Issue 3, Article 1. (Chap. L. Rev. 509 (2010))

10-01-2002: Where Does The Money Go? A Study of the Palestinian Authority

  • By Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, ACD Director
  • Commissioned by B’nai  B’rith Europe
  • Contents
    1. The Palestinian Authority: Where Does the Money Go?
    2. The PLO
    3. The PA
    4. Funding to the PA from International Donors
    5. Funding to the PA from Crime and corruption
    6. Major Sources of the PA’s Illegal Revenues
    7. International Aid Directed to Terror
    8. Arafat’s Involvement in Funding Terrorism
    9. Additional Unacceptable Activities Funded by the PA
    10. Fostering Hate in Schools
    11. Examples from Palestinian Textbooks
    12. Hate Propaganda


The following articles are based on Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld’s research and Ph.D. thesis “Compulsory Treatment for Drug Addict Offenders in Israel,” 1987, at the Hebrew University Law Shcool:

* Compulsory treatment for drug offenders under Israeli law. A research note  –R. Ehrenfeld, L. Sebba, Medicine and law 01/1982; 1(1):109-111

*Ehrenfeld, R. and Sebba, L., “Involuntary Treatment of Drug Addicts in Israel”,

*Sebba, L. and Ehrenfeld, R., Rehabilitation as Punishment(Jerusalem: Sacher Institute, 1988)Google Scholar

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