Obama’s Iran Hoax

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 @ 2:44AM

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Shortly after the UN Security Council (UNSC) unanimously endorsed the Joint  Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between Iran and the P5+1, on July 20, 2015, Iran’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement reiterating that “the country’s ballistic missile program and capability… fall outside the scope and the jurisdiction of the UNSC resolution and its annexes. Thus it remains untouched and unrestricted by the UN Security Council Resolution 2231.” This was backed up by Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan, who said “Missile-related issues have never been on agenda of the nuclear talks and the Islamic system will resolutely implement its programs in this field.”

The purport of the July 20 Security Council resolution is to override the six UN regulations put in place since 2006 that pronounce Iranian bomb-making immediately illegal and include in four of them sanctions unless and until Iran ceased the development of its nuclear program and stop its terrorist activities.

Both the Obama administration and the Iranians knew very well that leaving those resolutions on the UN’s books would mean that the U.S. and the rest of the P5+1 had violated them in the Vienna agreement with Iran. Iranian political analyst Mohammad Marandi told Fars News: “Mr. Zarif told me [last week in Vienna] that Iran would continue its arms aid to the regional nations and he told me that it would be in violation of the UN Security Council resolution (that was adopted earlier today), but it would not be in opposition to the agreement (also known as the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action).”

The administration’s actions show that its aim is to launder the regime’s autocratic terrorist nature. Indeed, it was a clever trick on the part of Obama to make the UN resolution’s effective date after the Congressional review of the deal.  And he counts on the Democrats in Congress to follow the UN and his own dictates.

Some American and even Israeli opponents of Obama’s legitimization of the nuclear Islamist Iran attribute the President’s purportedly noble intentions to “naivete”. They say he was misguided and misinformed. While this reaction is understandable, the way the negotiations with Iran unfolded, the blatant lies, obfuscation and bouts of anger with nay-sayers should have left no doubt that the president fully understood what he was doing.  The fact that Obama and his minions are working so hard at making false claims regarding what’s “in the deal,” and denying that things they promised on the public record regarding what would be “in the deal” were never said, shows their faith in spin and the gullibility  and ignorance of many Americans. Politicians included.

But the Obama administration has been caught out, at least as far as any sane observer is concerned.  However, American politics has become such that White House spin regularly overrides obvious, on the record facts. Americans seem to have become accustomed to being manipulated. Obama and Hillary Clinton’s supporters who have “drunk the koolaid” are encouraged to believe that opposition to the president’s perspectives and wishes on the Iran deal is a matter of unenlightened irrational political and even personal hatred.  Congress saying “no” to anything is charged with everything from pandering to the ignorant for political advantage to the attempted thwarting of Americans’ true wishes.  Some go as far as the Iranians to say that Congressional Republicans who back Israel are close to committing treason.

The Iran deal, concessions and bonuses included, is what Obama wanted from the beginning. The attempt now to sell it is nothing more than a campaign to turn the American people against their elected leaders in Congress, most of whom oppose the deal.

Almost immediately after the Security Council voted in favor of the resolution, the president said that opposition to the deal flies in the face of what the P5+1 and the international community at large wish to be affirmed.  This presumes that the American people should disregard their country’s interests and agree to Obama’s deliberate promotion of an aggressively hostile nation and its nuclear agenda.

One hopes that members of Congress as well as most of their constituents see Obama’s promise of Iran becoming less hostile, stopping the development of nuclear weapons and sponsoring terrorism, for what it is. A very dangerous hoax that should be rejected.

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