Michael B. Mukaseyformer U.S. Attorney General: “Those in the business of trying to anticipate and defeat economic and cyber threats to the United States from such diverse sources as Islamist organizations, hostile regimes such as China and Iran, and organized criminals situated abroad, will find valuable and forward looking articles on the ACD/EWI blog that focus not only on identifying such threats, but also on strategies for dealing with them…The ACD is an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with the economic and political survival of the West.”   

On  ACD’s CyberThreats Briefing :  “This was a high-level discussion of a high-risk subject. EWI is to be commended for drawing together panelists with experience in intelligence, law and commerce to at least begin the process of informing public discussion of the dangerous prospect of economic warfare.”

R.  James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence:  “The ACD offers a wide range of unique insights and analyses on threats to U.S. economic and political stability from rogue regimes such as Iran and China, and radical Islamist countries and operatives. The Center’s expert team’s focus is on early warning and developing new strategies to counter such threats. Its ability to predict future threats is second to none and invaluable in staying one step ahead of those that wish to do us harm.  Its research on and insights into economic warfare, cybersecurity and market manipulation have been cited by individuals in government, business and academia as the leading voice in the field.” 

Richard Perle, former Assistant Secretary of Defense: “Finding terrorists out to kill Americans is hard, and they are usually found one or two at a time. Understanding how terrorists are financed is also hard, but when it is done well there is a chance to disrupt the work and plans of whole terrorist networks, and ACD does it brilliantly. Our vast governmental agencies are often working to deal with the last threat our nation faced, seldom anticipating the next. Lean and agile, ACD is always ahead of the next threat: cyber attacks, market manipulation , the use of legal structures to inhibit free speech and stifle debate. One can only hope that our policy-making government officials are reading ACD publications.”

Houston T. “Terry” Hawkins, Senior Fellow/Chief Scientist and Principle Associate Directorate for Global Security (PADGS/LANL), at Los Alamos National Laboratory – “The most consistent factor in the march of humanity was the application of light to define progress, to warn of danger, and to light possible paths forward.  It was for these attributes that I joined the American Center for Democracy.  Especially at a time when the dark dens of ignorance, inhumanity, and violence are threatening the foundations of civilization, the goals, focus and role of ACD are even more essential.”

Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest Soviet bloc official to have ever defected to the U.S.: “If Rachel Ehrenfeld had not created the American Center for Democracy, the Good Lord would have had to create it himself, as a miracle, in order to shield this great country from politicians who want to transform it into a monument to themselves.

Thirty-four years ago I paid with two death sentences from my native Romania for helping her people to stop thinking of the government as a boon bestowed from on high. Alas, I now see the plague of socialism infecting my beloved adoptive country. The American Center for Democracy has become a commanding voice that will help persuade the United States, and the rest of the world, that the socialist redistribution of wealth is nothing but stealing, and that the 1991 sudden collapse of the Soviet Union was a stern warning that stealing does not pay, even when committed by the government of a superpower.”*

 “The American Center for Democracy and its Economic Warfare Institute are also main powers in the U.S. war against financial terrorism, and authoritative forces in the international war against corruption and organized crime. The value of their information, the power of their analysis and the accuracy of their predictions are second to none.” 

Norman A. Bailey, Ph.D – Senior staff at the National Security Council in the White House during the Reagan administration and senior staff at the Director of National Intelligence office in the George W. Bush administration.

The American Center for Democracy is unique in several respects: it accepts no funding from the U.S. government or any other government; it is completely lacking in political correctness; it calls a spade a spade and uses no euphemisms; it tackles the hardest issues of our day head-on, without evasion or prevarication of any kind. Finally, it is headed by Rachel Ehrenfeld, who is an expert in money laundering and terrorist financing and who is absolutely fearless in pursuing the evildoers of our world ignoring both threats and bribes. We need more people like Rachel and more organizations like ACD; but in the meantime, we must treasure and support what we have.”

Stewart Baker, former Assistant Secretary for Policy at the United States Department of Homeland Security, on ACD’s CyberThreat Briefings: “ACD presented a remarkably informed panel—with a remarkably troubling message. We will only be safe if we take seriously and prepare for the risks ACD speakers identified so ably.”

Daniel Heath, former U.S. Executive Director Alternate, IMF, on ACD’s Economic Warfare briefings: “Thoughtful people must thank the Economic Warfare Institute for gathering authoritative, creative panelists in a wide range of areas who offer the alarming insights and unsettling questions that can renew our vigilance and protect our freedoms.”

William B. Scott, former editor of Aviation Week,author of Bestselling SpaceWar,  CounterSpace, and The Permit: “The Economic Warfare Institute is today’s Paul Revere, sounding an urgent alarm, before attacks on key sectors of the American economy bring modern society to its knees. “ACD’s work demonstrates the unique ability to OBTAIN critical information, then explain what the info MEANS. That’s a winning equation for the Institute — priceless information plus unique analysis equals high value.”

Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, USA (Ret.): “Rachel Ehrenfeld has a deep understanding of Radical Islam and its influence on individuals and organizations that fund international terrorism. She is an outstanding author who articulates what needs to be done to preserve democracy and freedom.”

Raphael Israeli, Prof., Islamic History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “Rachel Ehrenfeld is one of the very few fighters to expose to daylight the Saudi sources of financing terrorism and to expose their evil. One of the most insidious obstacles in the fight against terrorism has been the continued attempt to whitewash its sources of financing, especially when they are traced back to Saudi Arabia. If we let oil interests intimidate us and if we relent on the pursuit of the anti-terrorist battle for the sake of accommodating Arab and Islamic economic interests, the cause of Justice and world security will not be served.”

Alan Dershowitz: “Rachel Ehrenfeld, in a thorough and devastating article on “Carter’s Arab Financiers,” meticulously catalogues Carter’s ties to Arab moneymen, from a Saudi bailout of his peanut farm in 1976, to funding for Carter’s presidential library, to continued support for all manner of Carter’s post-presidential activities.”

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