Weekly Review, August 10-15, 2015

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Saturday, August 15th, 2015 @ 7:17PM

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The Advancement of Global JihadThe Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center – The weekly report on Global Jihad details and analyses, ISIS, al Qaeda and their affiliated terror groups during between August 6-12, 2015. In Derna, Libya, “ISIS operatives are trying to regain control of the city of Derna, having been ousted by a local jihadi organization”…continue

Ukraine Chicken OutTom Cranmer – The Obama administration sold out another country: Ukraine. This is in spite of a bi-partisan authorization to provide arms to Ukraine, voted by both houses of Congress and signed into law (Public Law 113-272) by Obama at the end of December 2014. The Russians are sponsoring an armed attempt…continue

Cybersecurity’s “New Normal”Rachel Ehrenfeld – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not alone ignoring the security of her cyber correspondence and government secrets, using “personal communications hardware and software.” While the FBI…continue

The Deluge After the Iran DealRachel Ehrenfeld – Seeking the Jewish votes and its financial support, presidential candidate Barack Obama told AIPAC, on June 8, 2008: “The danger from Iran is grave, it is real, and my goal will be to eliminate this threat.” Once in office, President Obama no longer…continue

Have the Media Lost Their Minds, Or Only Their Morals?Norman A. Bailey – An American dentist on safari in Zimbabwe shot and killed a lion, who, it turned out, was a local favorite and even had a name: Cecil. Subsequent to this tragic event…continue


Black Flags on Europe’s Doorstep: Inside ISIS’s New Capital Sirte on Libya’s Coast – Tom Batchellor, Exclusive 

[Only] One in three Londoners feel ‘uncomfortable’ with the prospect of a Muslim Mayor, poll findsThe Independent (UK)

North Korea threatens imminent strikes against South, warns USA  – Giles Hewitt

Syria’s Chemical Weapon Obfuscations – Lt. Col. Dr. Dany Shoham

The Iran-North Korea Axis Of Atomic Weapons? – Claudia Rosett

International Trade Alert: Business Opportunities in Iran – JD Supra (press release)

Fighting terror Bogart-style: How Morocco counters radical Islam – Benny Avni

Why Iran’s Anti-Semitism Matters. A close read of Obama and Kerry’s comments on whether Iranian leaders seek Israeląs destructionJeffrey Goldberg

Suburban Jihadis – Owen Bennet-Jones

After Beheadings Torture and Amputations Saudi Arabia Seeks Top Spot on U.N. Human Rights CouncilHarvard Blog Network

Department of Homeland Security reveals top sector at risk for cyber attacks – Insurance Business America

Human not  Robots are Reason Artificia Intelligence is Scary – NextGov

Advanced Persistent Threats still go unnoticed by website owners–  BetaNews

The Latest Emerging U.S. Cybersecurity Threat: Helicopter Parents? – Xconom

Feds Accuse 9 of Using Stolen Press Releases to Make $100 Million  – eWeek

Old Fashioned Crime: One-Quarter of Federal ‘Security Incidents’ are Non-Cyber – Jeryl Bier

Russia Today Only Capable of a Fake Militarization,  Shevtsova Says Paul Goble

US Sliding Into Vietnam-Style War in Ukraine – Stephen Cohen

The Vatican Bank and Nazi Gold: A Scandal Unsolved – Money Morning

Opening up [Sol Sander’s] notebook that spans seven decades  – Michael Johnson

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