Watch Videos – CyberThreats & Economic Warfare

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Saturday, May 11th, 2013 @ 4:29AM

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Featured Speakers

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Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld

 Hon. Mike Rogers

Chairman, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Keynote Address

 Michael B. Mukasey

former U.S. Attorney General
Cyber-Where Time Marches On and Progress Doesn’t


R. James Woolsey

former Director of Central Intelligence
Key Elements of Energy Security

former Assistant Secretary for Policy, DHS

How the Attribution Revolution is Changing Cyberthreats 

George Mason University School of Law
Retaliating in Cyberspace: Lessons from the History of War at Sea


Steven Chabinsky 

former Deputy Assistant Director, FBI Cyber Division
Passive Cyber Defense and the Laws of Diminishing and Negative Returns

Mark Weatherford

 Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity, DHS

 Cybersecurity: Engine for Growth or Economic Anchor? 

Inclusive Videos

Part 1:

Dean Daniel Polsby, George Mason School of Law; Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, Director ACD/EWI; Michael B. Mukasey, Rep. Mike Rogers 

Mark Weatherford, R. James Woolsey, Christina Ray, Brian Bruh  

Michael Mukasey, Stewart Baker, Steven Chabinsky, Jeremy Rabkin 

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