The World Bank Continuing Aid To Palestinian Terrorism

By The Terror Finance Blog | by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007 @ 4:48AM

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The World Bank released on March 7 its report on the Palestinian Authority. While critical pf the PA’s lack of transparency and inability and/or unwillingness to account for the hundreds of millions it received from donors, including $100 million in tax revenues given by Israel directly to PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, the Bank also urges donors to renew funding the Hamas led government. Last we checked, Hamas is still designated by the U.S. as a terrorist organization. Why then the call from the WB, headquartered in Washington DC, a stone throw from the White House, Treasury and the State Department to fund terrorists? It’s worth noting, that the report was completed in February, but was released shortly after Salam Fayyad, the former Finance Minister agreed to resume his task under the Hamas ruled government.

Fayyad is a former World Bank employee, who served as the International Monetary Fund representative to the PA from 1995-2001. It seems that Fayyad’s failure to get the PA’s finances under control during Arafat and Abbas’ led Fatah governments, now qualifies him to do the same under Hamas. What will it take for the Western donor countries to stop funding this festering terrorist entity? It is the billions of dollars in World Bank, EU, and UN aid since 1993 that facilitated the build up of the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure and the spread of their terrorist death culture.

But these facts seem to elude the WB. Instead, they urge donors to give more to the PA, so that Hamas could use the extra funds to expand its terrorist agenda. The U.S., which designated Hamas as a terrorist organization, is the major shareholders in the Bank, with more than 16 percent of the votes. Why was this latest recommendation allowed?

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