The Real B.C.C.I. Agenda: Islam & Clark Clifford: B.C.C.I.Dupe or a ‘Face for Rent’? NYT, July & Aug 1992

By Rachel Ehrenfeld - New York Times,
Sunday, August 9th, 1992 @ 3:42PM

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WHEN Clark M. Clifford and Robert A. Altman were indicted on criminal charges stemming from their involvement with the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, most of the world’s attention was focused on the financial issues. But while B.C.C.I. — which has been accused here and abroad of money laundering, fraud, bribery and many other banking irregularities — made billions of dollars for its founders and millions of dollars, it is charged, for Mr. Clifford and Mr. Altman, its main mission was not financial.

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