The Prerequisite To Making America Great Again

By Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
Saturday, December 10th, 2016 @ 3:48PM

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We live in a continuously changing, increasingly dangerous world that threatens our core freedoms and our lives.

America has just elected a new President. Unlike many, we at the ACD do not speculate on which of the many domestic and foreign security problems the U.S is facing after eight years of Obama’s “leading behind” policies, should President Trump’s administration take on first.

But when weighing the threats facing the U.S., it seems that unless President-Elect Trump prioritizes the securing of the electric grid, and coordinating the fortification of all sectors that make up the nation’s critical infrastructure, the U.S. as we know it, will cease to exist.

President Obama’s policies and actions left the U.S. critical infrastructure vulnerable and unprepared to function if severe hurricanes flood the Eastern coastal regions; a mega earthquake destroys the Western or Central regions; under large-scale cyber-attack; a geomagnetic storm or an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on parts of the country caused by an Iranian, North Korean, Russian, or Chinese high-altitude nuclear explosion.

Making the electric grid and the resiliency of the critical infrastructure President’s Trump’s White House priority would help coordinate and unify the efforts to minimize, and possibly prevent permanent damages to the nation’s critical infrastructure, allowing it to recover. It behooves President Trump to lead these efforts so he can make America great again.

In 2016, followers of the American Center for Democracy’s work often thanked us for producing “timely information and assessments of the highest caliber possible on critical issues facing the U.S.,” and for “not only accurately identifying threats, but also for looking for pragmatic solutions.”

As R. James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence Agency and a member of our advisory board, put it: 
“The ACD/EWI offers a wide range of unique insights and analyses on threats to U.S. economic and political stability. Its ability to predict future threats is second to none and invaluable in staying one step ahead of those that wish to do us harm. Its research on and insights into economic warfare, cybersecurity, and market manipulation have been cited by individuals in government, business and academia as the leading voice in the field.”
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