The International Solidarity Movement (Ism)

By Lee Kaplan, ACD Fellow
Friday, April 1st, 2011 @ 4:07AM

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Lee’s video presentation on this topic at the National Press Club can be found here. The full PDF report can be found here.

Synopsis: “While armed terrorists seek mayhem and outright killing to exact political goals, the ISM infiltrates all levels of free western society in order to assist the armed terrorists via subterfuge and logistical aid, while trying to appear as a benign part of democratic society and discourse.

From its creation in August, 2001, the ISM originally concentrated its campaign in the US college system in order to increase its membership and infiltration exponentially across America. The ISM is, in its own words, a “Palestinian-led” movement with extensive US involvement among its planning and leadership that claims to be nonviolent, but recognizes the Palestinian “right to resist” by what it calls “legitimate armed struggle,” actually an endorsement of terrorism, and the terrorist groups it functions to aid. Such calls to arms to hide the group’s real intent were purged from the ISM’s US website as this information was exposed by ISM watchers in the last few years, but can still be found archived on the Internet and is still voiced on ISM chapter websites in Canada and Europe. A history of this shadowy group and its successes over the last nine years is worthy of an examination by Congress. Everybody talks about Islamic infiltration, the Muslim Brotherhood and even Al Qaeda as threats to American security; but nobody talks about the ISM, mainly because many high level people in government are unaware of its composition, how it functions or who leads it. The ISM members call themselves “human rights workers” and “peace activists,” but are in fact human shields and asymmetrical warriors against the US and fellow democracies.”

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