The Folly of Islamic de-Radicalization

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Friday, June 19th, 2015 @ 2:54AM

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Left: Saudi ex-prisoners listen to a Muslim cleric at a religious course at an Interior Ministry rehabilitation center north of Riyadh. Upon release, former prisoners are taken to this center for reintegration into society.

Establishing de-radicalization centers to fight the jihadist plague, either in Muslim countries or in the West is a futile endeavor. They cannot erase centuries of indoctrination by religious authorities in Arab and Muslim countries.

The preaching of hatred of all others (Kuffār), for not following in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad, include instructions to dehumanize and subjugate those who cave-in and preferred methods to kill the rest, especially the Jews.

This has been re-enforced by local mosques and madrassas in Muslim dominated territories over centuries, and more recently in non-Muslim countries. Since the mid 1960s the Saudi royal family and the Saudi Kingdom have funded Islamic radicalization.

In March 2002, the Saudi government English weekly Ain-al-Yaqeen, bragged about spending billions of dollars “to spread Islam to every corner of the earth.” This was confirmed by Reza F. Safa, the author of “ Inside Islam,” who documented that from 1973 through 2002, the Saudis have spent more than $87 billion to promote Wahhabism, their violent version Islam.

Advocating the same Islamic law (sharia) the Muslim Brotherhood movement has invented “Political Islam” to diminish Western influences on Muslims and the fool Western democracies into swallowing the bait that Islam is just another international political movement. Together, they have spread the radical Islamic ideology throughout the world, especially focusing their efforts to indoctrinate children in schools, or madrassas.

The Nazis in Germany did the same.

A new study by economists Nico Voigtländer and Hans-Joachim Both, on “Nazi indoctrination and anti-Semitic beliefs in Germany” found “Nazi schooling” and indoctrination to be  “particularly effective where the population had previously held anti-Semitic beliefs…[and] schooling could tap into preexisting prejudices.” The researchers found that “Nazi indoctrination––with its singular focus on fostering racial hatred among school children ––was highly effective [and] increased the number of youngsters who became fervent anti-Semites.” Moreover, they found that “Germans who grew up under the Nazi regime are much more anti-Semitic today than those born before or after that period.”

While these findings indicate that beliefs “can be modified massively through policy intervention,” as the de-Nazification program in Germany in the aftermath of the Second World War, there is no pause in the Islamist hate propaganda and indoctrination to jihad in Arab and Muslim countries or among Muslim communities in the West. Thus, the long-term effects of a diet of hatred of infidels and Jews, on children who grow up radicalized, cannot be modified in a society saturated in hate of others and anti-Semitism.

Releasing allegedly de-radicalized jihadist into such an environment is likely to be as successful as sending a rehabilitated cocaine addict into a Mexican drug gang.

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