The Emperor’s Iranian Clothes

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Tuesday, June 21st, 2016 @ 7:21PM

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The unfolding misrepresentations of Obama Administration’s “deal” with Iran, suggest that either the President or the Iranians or both, have been avid readers of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

As in Andersen’s tale, the vain Emperor, American president Obama, cares about nothing except for living up to his preordained legacy as Nobel Peace Laureate, wrapping himself in yarns of deceptions as accomplishments.

Although the American public and the world is led to believe that Emperor Obama initiated the rapprochement with Iran, just as in Andersen story, it seems more likely the “deal” was designed by the scheming weavers in Tehran.

The crafty, terrorism trend-setting Ayatollah Khamenei and his artful team of disinformation weavers, sought for a long time the opportunity to become the regional power. What better way to it than developing their in-house nuclear arsenal?  In 2007, such opportunity was offered to them by then-Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, who announced he wanted “to talk to Iran.”

After decades of being designated as terrorist and sanctions on their economic activities, the election of Emperor Obama who strived to justify his unwarranted Nobel Peace Prize, and was determined to force his pro-Iran, pro-Islamic agenda  on the American people, offered the Iranians the perfect partner.

As in Andersen’s tale, the Iranians had offered to weave Obama his desired mantle. They assured him their deal-design was so complicated that only he and those fit to serve him will see its advantages. Those who fail to recognize the beautify of the intricate deal would prove they are “hopelessly stupid.” That was what Obama needed to hear. He chose them to weave the most elaborate knotty fabrication of his anticipated legacy.

The process of this plot began in 2008 and lasted many years because the artful Iranians understood that it would take time to introduce it to Obama’s coteries and his not always accommodating congressional court and the media, and even longer to deceive them into accepting it. The Iranians and Obama knew that to accept this new weave, those who do not wish to be seen as “hopelessly stupid,” will have to acknowledge – to paraphrase former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld – that there are things that they know they can’t see. But there are also invisible invisibles, things they don’t know they can’t see. Moreover, the more fabrications they present and the longer it took, and the more money and other concessions they got.

Eager to carry out this plan, Obama’s disinformation Wazir Ben Rhodes ran “an echo chamber” in which the “experts” who could not see the advantage of the Iran deal, but pretend they can for fear of losing their positions in Obama’s court, went on validating whatever was presented to them by the Iranians and Obama’s court. They were eager to prove they were not “hopelessly stupid.”

Finally, after the Iranian weavers had accomplished the intricate deal, they and Obama’s coteries who had vested interest in pretending this was a great deal, went out of their way to praise Emperor’s Obama’s new Iranian clothes.

Here the White House departed from Andersen’s story line. Now they admit that traces of man-made uranium from Iran’s Parchin complex were used in a weapons program. The reasons for admitting this long known fact at this time are unknown. But if the media’s past submission to the White House’s “echo chamber” is any indication, they will continue to praise both the dangerous deal and Emperor Obama. And he as will continue to proudly parade himself wrapped in a web of deceptions, which despite ample evidence to the contrary, he claims is the world’s most peace advancing legacy.

And the artful Iranian? This “foremost state sponsor of terrorism,” according to U.S. legislators, goes on spending billions of dollars given to them by Obama to increase their military might, deepening their involvement in the Middle East and beyond. They send “troops, weapons, military-related parts, rockets, and missiles to hostile actors around the world, including, but not limited to, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Houthi Rebels in Yemen, and the Bashar Al-Assad Regime in Syria,” while buying influence through large trade agreements with cash-needy, jittering European and other Western economies. All this while they are suing the U.S. for billions of dollars more.

What a legacy.

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