The Embryonic Palestinian State – A monster in the Ultra-Sound*

By Daphne Netanyahu*
Monday, March 16th, 2015 @ 5:03PM

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Left:  One need not be a prophet in order to know what a monster would be born from the Palestinian “embryonic state” in Judea and Samaria. Photo: Flash 90

As of now, in Judea, Samaria and Gaza there is a sort of embryonic state, or “Arab state in progress”. And just as with pregnancy, it is possible, with ultrasound, to see the embryo’s organs and know generally, what shape the fetus will be when it is born, it is so when speaking of a country as well.

This embryonic state carries out – in schools, in mosques and in the media – brainwashing on an entire generation. It puts into the heads of its youth the idea that “there is no solution to the Palestinian problem other than by means of “jihad.”

If a Palestinian state is born, it will have control over its borders, and nobody would be able to prevent this over the course of time. It would bring millions of Arabs into the territories of the Land of Israel that were under its control, and with them, tens of thousands of jihad fighters.

The “center”, the Left and the media do not stop preaching to us that it is impossible to stop the establishment of a Palestinian state in the heart of our Land, at a distance of a few kilometers from our homes, our cities, from the Knesset, and from essential and strategic installations.

Those who call for the establishment of such a state, which, everyone knows, would become a Hamas state, like in Gaza, are behaving like hysterics. The events in the Middle East and the world, as well as the presence on our borders of organizations supported by an Iran in the process of becoming nuclear, do not change their opinions. They just repeat the empty and

illogical slogan that the establishment of that country – without admitting that it would be a Hamas state – is the only way available for Israel. The people with delusions of peace try to relax us by saying that if it becomes clear that the experiment of a Palestinian state fails, we could, at any time, go in and “straighten things out”.

Those same people who preach the establishment of a Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza totally ignore what is written in clause no. 9 of the Palestine National Covenant, “the armed battle is the only way to liberate Palestine and it, therefore, is a strategy and not a tactic”, while clauses 19 and 20 declare the annulment of the Balfour Declaration, the text of the Mandate, the UN decision of 1947 on the partition and the decision to establish the State of Israel. But worse than anything: they do not take into account what the nature of such a state would be, and what kind of reality we would be subjected to on the day after its establishment.

As of now, in Judea, Samaria and Gaza there is a sort of embryonic state, or “Arab state in progress”. And just as with pregnancy, it is possible, with ultrasound, to see the embryo’s organs and know generally, what shape the fetus will be when it is born, it is so when speaking of a country as well.

When we were “a state in progress” – meaning an embryonic state – we established a health care system, a labor union, cities, kibbutzim and moshavim, theaters and opera; we developed an educational system in which was taught, in addition to the Jewish religious and secular culture, the best of humanist Western cultural heritage; the various political parties had newspapers, held discussions on the purity of arms and equality; religious and non-religious lived side by side, and the vision was to found a liberal and democratic state. And indeed, when the State of Israel was born, it was founded as a democratic state, which, until today, under almost impossible conditions, maintains its humanistic values – human rights, freedom, rule of law, democracy, and a free economy.

But how does the embryonic state created by Arafat-Abu-Mazen-Hamas look? Why, we are already familiar with enough of its characteristics to know what form it will take if we allow it to arise:

1) It would be a state free of Jews. Judenrein. If, G-d forbid, a Jew lost his way and entered its borders, he would immediately be lynched, as happened in Ramallah.

2) The enormous sums of money that are poured into the Palestinian Authority from Western states would be directed primarily into two channels: one, into the private pockets of the leaders – that is, the Palestinian embryo would be characterized by corruption – rotten from the cradle; the other channel, in acquiring and creating means of destruction and developing martyrs, who would be ready to kill the residents of the State of Israel. Despite the fact that Abu-Mazen holds the civilian rule of more than 90% of the Arab population in Judea and Samaria, and Hamas has 100% of civilian rule of the residents of Gaza, only a small amount is invested in creating an economic, cultural, educational, health care and political infrastructure – that should serve the state in the future. Instead of this, most of their resources are channeled into one purpose: destruction of the State of Israel.

3) In the areas under the civil control of Abu-Mazen and Hamas there is no freedom of the press, Christians are persecuted and radical Islam is the sole ruling religion. Human rights, women’s rights in particular, are trampled. Those who oppose the regime, those who belong to competing groups or those who “are suspected of collaboration with the State of Israel” – are simply eliminated.

4) This embryonic state carries out – in schools, in mosques and in the media – brainwashing on an entire generation. It puts into the heads of its youth the idea that “there is no solution to the Palestinian problem other than by means of jihad” (clause 13 of the Hamas Covenant), and turns them into human bombs imbued with a deep hatred of Jews. Despite all of this, people in the parties of the “center”, the Left, academia and our media try to convince us that if only such murderers had a state – they could form a peace pact with us.

5) The population that is controlled by Hamas and the PA is brainwashed with anti-Semitism of the worst sort. According to clause 7 of the Hamas covenant, there is only one fate for any Jew, in any place in the world: death; the Jews are guilty for all of the world wars, including having organized World War I and World War II (!). Also the establishment of the UN, it seems, is in the Jewish interest, so that the Jews can use it to control the world.

Supporters of the Palestinian-state-inprogress also ignore the process of delegitimization that the Palestinians are leading in the world, which calls for a boycott of Israel and its destruction as a Jewish state. If a Palestinian state is born, it will have control over its borders, and nobody would be able to prevent this over the course of time. It would bring millions of Arabs into the territories of the Land of Israel that were under its control, and with them, tensof thousands of jihad fighters. More than this: according to clause 28 of the Hamas covenant, the Arab countries would be demanded to open their borders to facilitate the movement of jihad fighters.

The “demilitarization” of a sovereign state is a false notion. When the Hamas state is born, it will have a huge, well-equipped army, and the armaments of Hizballah are only one sample. And if now it is difficult for us to rein in their militias and the amount of weapons that they smuggle in – it does not require a very developed imagination to understand what efforts would be required from us in order to repel the Hamas invasion into our homes. Also the idea that we would be able to go into the area of the Hamas state whenever we wanted to in order to stop its attacks upon us, is folly. The IDF’s entry would be an act of war against such a state, with all of the resultant international implications. Fighting with it would be much more complex, complicated and dangerous than it is today.

The elections in the PA show that Hamas is not a marginal movement, and its propaganda is not “for internal use only”. Also the “calming” rhetoric, as if support for Hamas is primarily a protest against the corruption of Abu-Mazen’s people, has been proven to be baseless, and brings to mind the statements that were heard in 1933 in Germany and the world, according to which, the election of Hitler stemmed primarily from the economic situation and not the German people’s enthusiasm for Mein Kampf.

Occurrences in the Gaza Strip under the rule of Hamas have debunked another of the Left’s assumptions, which is that the need to manage matters of state would lead the Palestinians to abandon their intention to destroy Israel and would lead them to give up the right of return. Exactly such a claim was made regarding Hitler, and the result was the conquest of Europe in a terrible war and the destruction of six million Jews. 

The Oslo architects made a similar claim regarding Arafat, and we have seen how much he invested in “managing the PA” versus managing the terror-war against us. Today, after the unending launching of missiles and mortars towards the communities of southern Israel, and after the operations that the IDF has carried out to suppress them, it is clear that all of the

forecasts and evaluations of those among us who support an independent Arab state in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria – have been proven false and without foundation.

Hamas’ and the PA’s principle goal is one thing: the destruction of the State of Israel, killing the Jews that are in it, and aided by the Muslim territorial contiguity that would be created from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea – turning it into a bridgehead of the Arab nation’s and Islam’s attack on theWestern world.

One need not be a prophet in order to know what a monster would be born from the Palestinian “embryonic state” in Judea and Samaria. We would not be able to live with it in any kind of peace. And if this state would achieve its goal – our destruction – there is no way that we would continue to live at all.

*Daphne Netanyahu, an attorney, is editor of Mar’a International Journal.

*This was first published in Political Journal,  SOVEREIGNTY, March 2015 

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