Terrorism Trend Setters – The Palestinians

By Rachel Ehrenfeld @ Family Security Matters*
Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 @ 8:37PM

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Left: “Hit the gas at 199 [km/h] for Al-Aqsa,” urges the  Palestinian “Run over Organization” calling on Palestinians to use their cars to kill Jews.  [Facebook, “Fatah – The Main Page” Nov. 6, 2014]” Source: Palestinian Media Watch. – 

Plowing into crowds in speeding cars to kill large numbers of people and stabbing more when the car is forced to stop, is becoming the rage among jihadists operating in Europe. Most counter-terrorism experts in major media outlets claim these are signs of a new trend of terrorism by individuals “inspired” to commit such heinous crimes by ISIS but decline to mention Radical Political Islam as the origin.

The Palestinian loving Europeans are now shocked by jihadist attacks the like Israelis had to cope with for many decades.

Israeli civilians have been terrorized for years by speeding car and knife attacks by Palestinians who are inspired by the same jihadist ideology as the London, Brussels, Paris, Munich and Nice attackers. While ISIS followers receive some funding and help from local supporters, the Palestinian terrorists are encouraged to launch such attacks by the Palestinian Authority and are guaranteed a national hero status, large financial rewards and special benefits to their families.

The flow of funds rewarding Palestinian terrorists’ atrocities using cars, knives, guns and explosives against Israelis have been steadily on the rise since the establishment of the PA in 1993. The more incitement by the Palestinian leadership, the more funds to the PA coffers. Some originated in the Gulf-States and Iran, but most of the money have been flowing from the European Union, the United Nations, and the United States. It was not designated for terrorist activities but for “Humanitarian Aid” in the spirit of the PA, the PLO and HAMAS’s support of future orphans and widows.

No amount evidence provided by Israelis of the PA ongoing incitement and payments for terrorists stopped the money flow.  To the contrary. The louder the Palestinian murderers claimed to be victims, forced to terrorism by the occupying Israelis, the more sympathy and funds came from the international donor community, Indeed, they increased funding to the Palestinian terrorist regimes, which claimed they are forced to commit such crimes by the occupying Israelis. This has been going on since the establishment of the PA in 1993.

Last week attack near the British Parliament was not the first jihadist attack in the United Kingdom. But successive British government and apparently the security services have turned a blind eye to the evolving terrorist tactics used by the Palestinian against Israelis. And until Theresa May became Prime Minster last year, they have also paid no attention to ever-growing, public and often violent Palestinian anti-Israeli incitement and activities, including BDS, everywhere in the U.K. The Kafiya clad Palestinians have been setting the global jihadist terrorist trend for many decades. Ignoring that was a mistake many Britons, and other infidels will be paying for with their lives.

As a reminder, here are a few examples of widely publicized Palestinian terror incitement:
Palestinians encouraged for vehicular terrorist attacks against Jews. PA Twitter
Zahran Barbah, A Gazan writing under the Facebook hashtag “Stab,” posted the anatomical chart showing how to make attacks as deadly as possible. October 16, 2015 
PA Twitter: Masked fighter plays knife as violin, Oct. 12, 2015, Source, PMW 
Fatah posted this image titled "Thank You" on its Facebook page, thanking and naming the 14 states that voted for the UN Security Council resolution declaring Israeli settlements illegal. December 24, 2016. PMW
Fatah posted this image titled “Thank You” on its Facebook page, thanking and naming the 14 states that voted for the UN Security Council resolution declaring Israeli settlements illegal. December 24, 2016. PMW
Palestinian jihadist propaganda has traditionally targeted the Israelis and Jews. Dressing it up with anti-colonialism, quasi-nationalistic rhetoric rekindled deep-seated anti-Semitic sentiments in many Western nations. Instead of condemning the Palestinians, Western media and nations went along with the Palestinian propaganda that terrorist attacks on Israeli children, women and the elderly are always justified. Many years of willful blindness towards the thinly disguised jihad, led the West to unwittingly increase their sympathy and outright support to Palestinian atrocities.
Palestinians political and religious leaders’ calls to attack Jews/Israelis with knives, car, and bombing in public places. Such attacks are explained away by the U.S. and others as  “expressions of frustration” against Israeli presence on its legitimate land. Israeli efforts, including evidence to debunk this propaganda, were always met with suspicion.
The Palestinians goal is the removal of the Jews from land by whatever means. ISIS, al Qaeda and other Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood-inspired, call for the submission of infidels everywhere to create the Muslim Caliphate. Their Internet and social media propaganda, much like the Palestinians’ also calls to kill infidels everywhere, by whatever means available. Their graphics and videos of beheading, stoning, drowning and torching of “infidel” hostages, serve to recruit new members everywhere. But their instructions on how to use knives to cause more harm to their victims, how to build bombs, how to set fire and which locations to attacks, are no different than that of the Palestinians. Refusing to acknowledge the radical political Islamist Jihad agenda, the West decided to use the oxymoronic label “lone wolves” for ISIS jihadists.
When al-Jazeera first aired ISIS beheading of Western hostages and more videos of the groups’ barbaric murders were published on the Internet, the Western media was “shocked, shocked.” But no Western government or any major publication in the West made the logical leap of acknowledging that the Palestinians and ISIS are drinking from the same sewage. It is not too late.
*This commentary was also posted on Family Security Matters, March 29, 2017

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