Selling the Iranian Deal

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Friday, September 4th, 2015 @ 1:16AM

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As a used lemon-car salesman, Secretary of State John Kerry continues to peddle the defective agreement with Iran. While his boss, who commands the lemon car dealership has successfully persuaded enough Democratic Senators to assist him in preventing a congressional veto of this bad deal, which the majority of the American people do not buy. 

Since the flaws of the Obama administration’s deal with Iran are so obvious and easy to understand, the American voters should question the integrity and the judgment of those who approve it. 

Even after the news that Obama has secured enough Democratic votes to prevent a congressional veto, Kerry sent a letter to members of Congress urging them to follow suit. “We share the concern expressed by many in Congress regarding Iran’s continued support for terrorist and proxy groups throughout the region, its propping up of the Assad regime in Syria, its efforts to undermine the stability of its regional neighbors, and the threat it poses to Israel.” But Kerry is either unaware or chose ignore the existential threat posed by Iranian nuclear armed ballistic missiles to the U.S. 

Kerry further reiterated that the Obama administration is under “no illusion that this behavior will change following implementation of the JCPOA,” or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. 

Why then offer them a deal? Or as it turned out, accept their conditions to the deal? Clearly, the Administration readily and unconditionally will gives money to Iran, because,  Iranian terrorism was never on the agenda.

Listen to Kerry: “If Iran did decide to cheat, its technicians would have to do more than bury a processing facility deep beneath the ground. They would have to come up with a complete – complete – and completely secret nuclear supply chain: a secret source of uranium, a secret milling facility, a secret conversion facility, a secret enrichment facility.” 

Sounds good, as long as you turned a blind eye to Iran enrichment activities in Parchin and other facilities. Especially when the Mullahs regime provides the samples for inspection that would further Iran’s deception and nuclear agenda. Yet, Kerry maintains, ” if we have even a shadow of doubt that illegal activities are going on, either the IAEA will be given the access required to uncover the truth or Iran will be in violation and the nuclear-related sanctions can snap back into place.” However, it is clear that businesses already underway with Iran will not be curtailed and funds that were released will not be returned. 

But Kerry goes on to reassure us, “our intelligence community and our Energy Department, which manages our nuclear program and our nuclear weapons, both agree Iran could never get away with such a deception.” This despite the fact that Iran has gotten away with such deceptions all along and that the little known of the side agreements, such as providing their own samples for inspection, gives licence to Iran to develop their nuclear weapons. The rest of what is under the hood of the Iran agreement is unknown. Yet, the Obama administration, like lemon-car dealers, is pressuring Congress to approve the deal.

But why would anyone submit to the lemon-car-dealer’s pressure? Why buy a car they can’t check under the hood, kick its tires or look into the gas tank?  How, when and under which circumstances will they find out the car brakes don’t work? Or the gas tank contains water, high octane gasoline or nitro glycerin? Why buy this lemon deal?

Investing in a lemon-car dealership and selling the cars that could empty the buyer’s pocket and endanger his and other people’s lives is punishable by law. Not so when the corrupt Obama administration deliberately violates national laws and rewards the terrorist regime of Iran some $150 billion to help it corner the nuclear weapons and global terrorism market.

Americans should use their electoral power to warn their elected representatives in Congress that unless they vote against this illegal and immoral agreement, they will vote to banish them from office for failing to protect the American people and interests at home and abroad



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