Misnavigating America

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Sunday, February 14th, 2016 @ 3:50PM

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As if seven years of Obama’s efforts to diminish the world’s superpower were not enough, recent events in the Middle East highlight the need for American leadership capable of righting the ship.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s statement that the U.S. sailors “obviously had misnavigated” two boats into Iran’s territorial waters illustrates the administration’s mindset of blaming America first, as well as its efforts to neuter America’s defense forces.

This was exacerbated by Secretary John Kerry’s thanks and “gratitude to Iranian authorities for their cooperation,” for releasing the ten sailors whose boats were hijacked by the terrorist designated Iranian Revolutionary Guard.  Once again he demonstrated his acquiescence to Iran and inaptness to represent America’s interests.

President Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East thus far, included the enabling of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, accelerating Iranian intervention in the Middle East, and elevating the regime’s influence on the international stage.

Lifting the sanctions and filling the coffers of the terrorist theocracy of Iran with more than $100 billion, not only increased the funding of Iran’s terrorist activities and groups but also served to justify the Iranian Revolution agenda.

Expressions of the regime’s appreciation of these American concessions were exhibited this week by millions who marched in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution. The government organized demonstrators carried signs calling for “Death to America” while chanting “Death to Obama” and “Death to Kerry.”

Obama’s illusionary ‘red-line’ on Syria’s chemical weapons was made worse when the U.S. agreed to Assad regime’s demands that limited inspection and controlled the inspectors access even at the sites they were allowed into. While 1,300 metric tons of weapons-grade chemicals were removed from Syria, this was only part of Assad’s arsenal. Some of what was left behind was seized and used by ISIS. But none of that stopped Obama from celebrating his alleged success.

Obama’s Syria policy of delays “to weigh his options” claimed already 470,000 lives and 1.9 million wounded, according to the  Syrian Centre for Policy Research. Their survey found that the ongoing war displaced 13.8 million (45%) of Syria’s population, “6.36 million internally and more than 4 million” fled the country, seeking refuge in neighboring countries that cannot accommodate their needs. Most chose or were pushed to go to Europe, bringing with them Islamic norms of behavior that often lead to friction and violent confrontations. Those who can afford it make their way to North America. However, growing numbers of refugees from war-torn Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Nigeria and Somalia have joined them. Most are escaping the atrocities of al-Qaeda and ISIS-affiliated terrorist groups, such as Al-Shabaab (Somalia and Kenya)), Boko Haram (Nigeria), Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) (Sahara and Sahel) and the Taliban (Afghanistan). But it is unknown how many members of these and similar Salafi terrorist groups, disguised as refugees, have successfully made their way into Europe, North America, Australia and other “infidel” countries. A few have already carried out attacks in Europe and North America. But more have been repeatedly promised by ISIS and al Qaeda.

The news on the Munich “cessation of hostilities” that was negotiated by Kerry, is the latest example of the Obama administration’s resolve to increase Iran’s role in the Middle East.

The Institute for the Study of War analysis of the agreement on “cessation of hostilities, warned: ” The United States faces a geostrategic inflection in Syria that it has not yet fully recognized.” However, Kerry agreed to permit Russia, Iran and the Assad regime, “to continue targeting U.S. allies in Aleppo under the pretext that the opposition in the city consists predominantly of al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al Nusra.”

The breaking up of the Middle East is probably not what Obama has aimed for. But his support of the Muslim Brotherhood, withdrawal from Iraq, inaction in Syria, bombing of Libya, belittling ISIS, his nuclear agreement with Iran, and his refusal to acknowledge the threat of radical Islam have accelerated the destabilization of the region. At the same time, his policies increased the threat of the spread of radical Islamist ideology and terrorism everywhere, facilitating Iran’s nuclear ambitions and bringing back Russia to the Middle East.

And he is not done yet.

While Israel is not the cause and is not part of any of Middle East wars, but a victim of Palestinian terrorism, Obama, his State Sec., and other emissaries have publicly expressed their “understanding” that the Palestinian terrorists’ alleged frustration with Israeli settlements is a good enough reason to attack Israelis. For the similar reason, the State Department also supports the growing BDS movement.

Obama and his administration, who supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and elsewhere, have adopted the Palestinian and Muslim Brothers’ absurd claim that establishing a Palestinian State would bring peace and stability to the Middle East. Here too, Obama leads from behind, following the Europeans who for decades willfully funded the corruption of the Palestinian leadership. Moreover, Obama and his administration have ignored the Palestinian headship’s repeated promises to destroy Israel. He similarly seems unfazed by Iran’s funding of Palestinian terrorist groups, or the regime’s declarations that it aims to eliminate Israel.

Obama willfully abandoned the U.S. superpower status through his foreign and defense policies. In seven years he managed to navigate the most potent power in the world to advance democracy and prosperity into an impotent and insignificant country whose boats are easily hijacked, and its sailors publically humiliated. It’s time to right the American ship.

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