Labour’s Anti-Semitism

By Saul Zadka*
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 @ 4:27PM

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Hardly a single day goes by without an anti-Semitic smear issued by senior members of the Labour Party in Britain. But while many of its MPs protest against this form of racism, the party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is part of the problem himself.

We always “knew” that Israel was behind 9/11, the Mossad murdered Princess Diana, Zionists initiated the war in Iraq, and the Jews control the international media. But did you know that the Jews plot a Genocide again the British people? That Israel created ISIS? That its leader, Abu Baker al Baghdadi, died in an Israeli hospital? That the Mossad was also behind the mass shooting at Sandy Hook school? Did you know that Hitler was, in fact, Jewish? That the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis? That the Holocaust was invented? That the Zionists are responsible for the anti-Russian stance in Ukraine?  That the Jews were the chief financiers of the slave trade?

Well, if you are not aware of these alarming warnings you are completely out of touch with reality, the reality of key members within the British Labour Party who believe in their conspiracy theories and disseminate them in public meetings, street demonstrations, and social networks. It sounds like a random selection of April’s Fool Day or a mocking version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but it could be very serious. These people can easily be part of the British Government by 2022.

It is very tempting to poke fun at these statements, tweets, and posts. But they are the property of members of Parliament, former members of Parliament, regional and councilors, candidates, trade union leaders and party activists. Some of them were suspended, many were reinstated, and the majority were not touched at all. They are part and parcel of what is happening today inside Her Majesty’s Opposition.

Anti-Semitism was always widespread at the Labour Party, despite its past association with Israel when the self-confessed Zionist Harold Wilson was a prime minister (1964-1970). Tony Blair, another Labour Prime Minister (1997-2007) survived an attempt by 70 MP’s to oust him for his support of Israel in her last war against Hezbollah in Lebanon. But the level of its current anti- Jewish bigotry is unprecedented. It erupted in 2015 after Jeremy Corbin was elected as a leader with the help of the radical left, powered by Momentum, a militant group that dominates the party membership.

Corbyn, until then, was a marginal Marxist MP who associated himself with the IRA, the Soviet Union and various terrorist organizations around the world. Westminster never took him seriously. He lamented the demise of Bin Laden, expressed sorrow for the assassination of “Jihadi John” and was always a staunch anti-American. In 2011 he invited Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Northern Islamic Movement in Israel, to share a platform with him in the House. Salah is known as a preacher who revived the medieval blood libel that the Jewish kill children for their religious rituals, but Corbyn described him as a ‘very honored citizen.’ He afforded a similar honor to ‘our friends’ Hamas and Hezbollah. The latter was described by him as a movement that is committed to ‘social and political justice.’ In 2012, he was against the removal of a virulently anti-Semitic mural in London. In Parliament, he always voted against proposed anti-terrorism laws. His election granted the anti-Semites a green light, and they came out on mass from the dark corners of British politics where they incubated for many years, waiting for their opportunity.

Two years ago, his close buddy, Ken Livingston, former mayor of London, caused an uproar when he claimed that Hitler supported the Zionist Movement. Under pressure, Corbyn was forced to temporarily suspend him, and the suspension is still pending. Some MPs, Jews, and gentiles alike cite the case as an example of Corbyn’s reluctance to eradicate anti-Semitism in the party. Livingston, known for his anti-Semitic and pro-Islamist harangues, refused to apologize. Interestingly, both of them were on the payroll of the Iranian government through their work for Press TV. Corbyn received £20,000 for his appearances before the London revoked the channel’s license. No wonder he refused to condemn Tehran for its handling of the recent pro-democracy protests. He was also reluctant to condemn Russia for the poisoning of the double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, let alone for killing children in Syria in the service of the Assad regime.

With that in mind, one wonders why leaders of the Anglo-Jewish community found the need to meet Corbyn and legitimize him. How could they bring themselves to shake the hand of a politician who associated himself with Holocaust deniers and compared Israel to ISIS?  It is equally bewildering that they could communicate with the virulent anti-Israeli Seumas Milne, his most influential adviser, who described the foundation of Israel a crime.

The meeting that eventually took place, and the Jewish leaders were rebuffed; Corbyn refused to make a single concession to the dismay of the community. He claims he is merely an anti-Zionist, not an anti-Semite.

Non –Jewish MPs have shown more resolve by supporting their Jewish colleagues who denounced Corbyn in public, and according to their testimonies in Parliament last month, that they have received threats on their life.


  • Saul Zadka is a London based writer and lecturer

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