“Jewish Voice for Peace” Joins “Black Lives Matter” in Defaming Israel

By Lee Kaplan
Sunday, September 25th, 2016 @ 11:00AM

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Jewish Voice for Peace, a new anti- Israeli Jewish group joins Black Lives Matter in a new blood-libel claiming Israel abuses blacks, not just Arabs.

The anti-Israel BDS movement never tires from trying new methods to de-legitimize and bully the Jewish state. Deconstructionism is now the main tactic of BDS leadership. Whereas BDS has always pushed the goals of non-democratic terrorist movements like Hamas through lies and misrepresentation, particularly of history, the current BDS leadership doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to utilizing newer propaganda techniques to attempt to portray Jews as the persecutors of innocent Arabs and other minorities. A BDS movement that has always pushed Arab fascism and irredentism against the Jews has learned how to deconstruct the factual democratic and western philosophical nature of Israel by branding the Arab movements of dictatorships, violence, misogyny and revanchist goals against the Jews as somehow a movement for democracy, freedom, justice and American values.  To this end, the Arabs and their communist or radical anarchist allies have invaded American academia with their reverse order of things, so as to make the American university system a propaganda outlet rather than an educational zone for critical thinking. The goal is to mold new generations to see up as down, Israel as a colonizer of “Palestine” and “peace” as a euphemism for making war and anarchy against the status quo that includes a Jewish national homeland.

A case in point are the riots in Charleston, North Carolina. If one watches the unending broadcasts of the riots carefully, the rioters are made up of black youths primarily under 25 years of age. Black adults from the Charleston community are conspicuously absent. Those rioters are not the voting public; indeed, most of them do not even vote. Many wear masks to hide their identities to symbolize anarchist movements from the past.  And among them, many also wear Palestinian keffiyehs such as worn by Yasser Arafat, and some rioters have even draped themselves in Palestinian flags. This is the generation that is learning that Palestinian thugs, most notably the Hamas, can speak of themselves as “freedom fighters” rather than the terrorist murderers they are, and whose charter espouses Jewish genocide as their goal, as well as the destruction of the democratic West. A new tactic now is to accuse Israel of “training the local police” to attack blacks like Arabs are allegedly attacked by Israeli police because Israel shares its anti-terror tactics with American police forces in the War on Terror.

Even worse has been the campaign of trying to separate American support for Israel among American Jews and Christians by trying to deceive them by allowing the Palestinian leadership to falsely define who are “the real Jews” (certainly not Jews in Israel), and just who are really the proponents of human rights and civil rights (the Hamas terrorists).

Thus the BDS anti-Israel movement was bound to create “front groups” to promote this deconstruction to convince the world that the “real Jews’, and Jews who promote human rights are also the ones who lock arms with the Arabs against the Jewish state to eventually cause its downfall.

History has always had its share of Jewish traitors and collaborationists willing to help enemies of the Jews by serving as “Court Jews” to dispel accusations of anti-Semitism. The Nazis created the “Jewish police” in the Polish ghettoes who were tasked with organizing Jews for Nazis to be murdered. Today, the campus radical who calls for the destruction of Israel can deconstruct Jewish arguments against anti-Jewish pogroms by claiming that he or she, too, is Jewish. Thus it should be thought of as impossible for the BDS movement and its anti-Israel forces to be called anti-Semites.

It was within this scenario that the group Jewish Voice for Peace was first started in Berkeley in the 1990’s. Organized by some ostensibly Jewish professors at Cal, JVOP was originally begun as a method to infiltrate Jewish functions, especially at Hillel on campus at UC Berkeley. The original Jewish Voice for Peace had as many Arabs as members as “Jews.” JVOP activists who opposed the existence of Israel but convinced the Hillel director they were “Zionists,” thus managed even to lecture inside Hillel against Jewish rights to the West Bank and even at times inside the Israel’s Green Line. Most of these activists, were, in fact, Marxistswho gave up on the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob for the God of Marxism and communism. Some were amoral anarchists who could find sinecures promoting hatred against the Jewish people that should have died out after the Holocaust. Scratch a “Jewish” member of Jewish Voice for Peace today and you won’t find a Jew that respects Shabbat or lights the candles on Friday night (unless it’s to convince others of earnestness), but you will find a Marxist wannabe revolutionary, or an ignoramus willing to accept the notion of a Jewish conspiracy to rule over the oppressed. In many cases, you’ll also find a gentile who lies and claims to be a Jew or a non-Jew who will cite a distant relative in his family tree as proof that he or she is Jewish.

But even Hitler is reputed to have had a paternal grandfather who was Jewish. At one anti-Israel screed at UC Berkeley, a co-ed interviewed by the campus paper which stood for annihilating Israel explained to a Daily Cal reporter that her BDS group could not be considered anti-Semitic because her parents served lox and bagels on Saturday and used “Jewish words” like “oy vey” and “shlep.” Such was the depth of her knowledge about Judaism and Israel.

At a lecture given in Oakland, California by Omar Barghouti, the Supreme Arab Boycott leader for JVOP members when it comes to promoting anti-Zionism, Barghouti finished an anti-Israel harangue by proclaiming that Jesus was not, in fact, a Jew, but a Palestinian (a nationality that didn’t even exist in Jesus’s time). Being good Marxists, the audience that day that was filled with JVOP members all rose to their feet and applauded and cheered at this historical revisionism and patent nonsense. After all, good communists always engage in “groupthink” anyway. JVOP claims it is against the BDS movement’s actions, against the Boycott, but in fact, appears in support of the most virulent anti-Semitic movements when they demonstrate against Israel’s right to exist and openly belongs to BDS support groups.

The BDS anti-Israel movement wing that is JVOP found this deception of great use in trying to discredit accusations of anti-Semitism, by being as it were a wolf in sheep’s clothing and recently began repeating their program in co-operation with the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM). BLM) also has joined this deconstruction movement against the Jews that was always a tactic of Farrakhan and the Black Muslims who were paid to do so by the late Moammar Ghadafi.  In America, black wannabe revolutionaries see how their JVOP allies have been successful at building this deception among part of the public, even among some secular Jews.  BLM leadership has recently tried to create intersectionality with Arab anti-Semitism by accusing local U.S. police departments of having learned the assassination of Black Americans from police and anti-terror training in Israel that is falsely accused of being “genocide” against Israel’s black citizens. BLM has a new platform allying themselves with the likes of Hamas and other Palestinian groups that JVOP is willing to promote.

JVOP is now trying to build on its successes even more by creating another subgroup, a foster child if it were, of Jewish Voice for Peace calling themselves the “Jews of Color Caucus” that uses the acronym JOSC. This front group is so new they had no time to set up a website of their own. Instead, they used JVOP’s webpage. When you click on the “about us” on their temporary web page,  it is easy to see they are just another   JVOP wolf in sheep’s clothing,

Their mission states: We recognize that the backlash experienced by BLM activists is part of a white supremacist power structure that is trying to maintain the status quo. We call upon the Jewish community to defend BLM activists from this backlash, especially since many Jewish institutions themselves have contributed to it by making the sweeping claim that solidarity between Black struggle in the U.S. and Palestine is anti-Semitic. Similarly, Jewish organizations fail Black people when they intentionally avoid critique of Israel in their solidarity with BLM. Israeli state violence has long targeted Black lives alongside Palestinians, and hiding under the pretense of focusing solely on “domestic issues” does not absolve US Jewish groups of complicity with and perpetuation of Israeli anti-Black racism and settler colonialism. We reject attacks on Palestinian organizers, who are condemned as anti-Semitic for simply talking about their own dispossession and struggle. Such condemnation is inaccurate, racist, and amounts to a violent form of silencing. We reject similar attacks targeted at Jews of Color and other Jews organizing in solidarity with Palestinians”. 

The Black citizens of Israel were in fact rescued from genocide by the Israeli government that took them in from Muslim dominated countries where they were systematically abused along with Christians.  Israel has no real black minority problems, black Israelis participate in all functions of the government that white Israelis do, including Israeli-Arabs. But the wonks in JVOP are more than willing to create a myth of violence against Blacks, including another alphabet movement to try and look larger than they really are, when in reality it’s just JVOP again. The Comintern emphasized creating multiple groups like these, all with the same goals and members to look bigger than they were and so that in cases where some groups were shut down by governments, the others could continue to operate. Besides adding to BLM’s numbers at protests, to do the same tactic will also open up the Arab coffers for money for BLM and JVOP to carry on as much as they want to in America, Israel and the rest of the world.

On JSOC’s debut page they claim to represent Mizrahi Jews. Considering that more than half of Israel’s population are Mizrahi Jews, and  they are not suffering from discrimination, if the JVOP or JSOC leaders were up on history they might have name dropped Israel’s Black Panthers or Yemenite Jews, two groups that did at one time have some grievances. Unfortunately, for JSOC, the Mizrahim fought their way to equality over 40 years ago without foreign intervention and today support their government. In fact, Mizrahim Jews in Israel’s are prominently in opposition to concessions for the Palestinian Arabs because those Jews have experienced the worst of real persecution in Arab lands before becoming Israelis and today are a backbone of the conservative Likud.

But an even more glaring example of the lying culture among JVOP and its JOSC offspring is that the joke is on them: Mizrahi Jews are a culture and not a color. Light skinned Greek, Iraqi and Syrian Jews will always be considered Mizrahi. Jews from Ethiopia, Israelis from Eritrea and other parts of Africa consider themselves rescued by the Jewish state.

But like the Big Bad Wolf trying to seduce Little Red Riding Hood, the JVOP/JSOC Jews don’t tire of the lies and hyperbole: As they spout off on their website about Israel’s “mass incarcerations, police brutality, medical racism, kidnapping and being used as human shields,” falsely claiming in these ways the “all-white” Israeli government’s Ethiopian and Mizrahi Israeli Jews are currently being abused,  JSOC  is proudly working for “the liberation of Palestine” (actually, ending the Jewish state’s existence for a Palestinian state in its place). This embryonic Palestinian state will supposedly be one where “white supremacy and anti-Semitism” will be banned and even Jews of color will be honored citizens. Intermarriage, the IDF, and public education have made discrimination between and by Israel’s Jews a thing of the past.

It’s curious though which serial liars in JVOP and JSOC write such tripe, as the Arab and Muslim killers of Jewish women and children are still declared “martyrs” and heroes by the Palestinian leadership at every turn, and Islamic genocide against Jews and Christians is a guiding light for the Palestinian terrorist groups in both the Hamas and PLO charters. No names are given for the authors.

The Jews of Color Caucus came out reaffirming their solidarity with Black Lives Matter against Israel by saying, “This statement was first drafted two weeks ago to address the nationwide crisis of anti-Black police violence and show solidarity with nationwide Black Lives Matter organizing. It has since been updated to address disturbing and anti-Black and anti-Palestinian actions taken by members of the organized Jewish community in response to the release of the Movement for Black Lives Platform.”

And just what were these anti-Black and anti-Palestinian actions taken by the organized Jewish community? They told the truth is all, that Israel as any modern country may have some people not happy with their homeland’s society, nevertheless, they are all Jews and support equal rights for all Israelis, even non-Jews.

 In paragraph 3 of the verbose manifesto they continued:

“In this particularly painful moment we reach out to the Black-Jewish members of our constituency, who in addition to the struggle of being Black in the United States, face white supremacy and erasure in the broader Jewish community. Extending BLM’s transnational focus on dismantling state sanctioned anti-Black racism across the globe, we are also in solidarity with Ethiopian Jews protesting police violence and racial profiling in Israel. We mourn them with you. Our hearts go out to the often forgotten victims of Israeli anti-Black violence: Sudanese and Eritrean refugees, Afro-Palestinians, and Black Hebrews. Your struggle must not be erased because your identities don’t grant you citizenship or fit into the common logics of Israeli nationalism….”

The above paragraph links to a San Francisco black nationalist newspaper about a protest in Tel Aviv where two self-appointed female leaders of the Ethiopian community (in fact, two 20 something attractive girls obviously coached by the BLM leadership),  accused Israel of the worst racism found in the world. Even lies of forced birth control were hurled about. The purpose of the demo was to stir up racial strife in Israel’s black community. The Arab Muslim clique that seeks to destroy Israel would love to foment race riots inside Israel to be coordinated with similar riots in the United States and the JVOP JSOC anarchists are more than happy to help them to do it. At that rally, the leaders said their movement was a response to the perceived widespread response of American Jewish leaders’ opposition to Black Lives Matter lining up with the likes of Hamas.

Attempts were made repeatedly during speeches to link the terms “white supremacy”, settler colonialism and anti-Semitism” together. The anti-Israel BDS Movement has tried non-stop to mimic the boycotts and demonstrations that ended South African apartheid. By calling Israel an apartheid state and comparing Israel to the U.S. Jim Crow south of the Civil Rights Movement the activists hope they can bring down a Jewish state to be replaced by an Arab Muslim one that will practice genuine apartheid as all the Arab Muslim states practice currently.

By appealing to the black population in America to support this, they hope to gain more strength and develop anti-Semitism in the US black community. The linkage is hoped to alienate the U.S. government from supporting Israel’s democracy just as the U.S, came to oppose the South Africa of the 1980’s that led to that government falling. South Africa did practice apartheid against black citizens. Israel has done just the opposite, even rescuing Black Jews from persecution in Ethiopia. JVOP and its offshoot JSOC hope they can perpetuate the false comparison and achieve their goals

A study of who started this linkage between Black Lives Matter and BDS links back to certain black revolutionary personalities in the United States.  One man, in particular, Leo Ferguson, insists he started the ball rolling back in July 2016. A member of Jews for Economic and Social Justice (JFEJ), an obscure non-profit in New York, he created the JSOC to work within the framework of BLM, or so he says.

JFEJ was founded over 25 years ago when the late Nelson Mandela visited New York City. Mandela back then was a close ally and received funding for his ANC Movement from the late

Arab dictator Moammar Ghadaffi. There were some in the Jewish Community who did not wish to be associated with Ghaddafi who also was an ardent supporter of Yasser Arafat and Fidel Castro. JFEJ was already replete with radicals back then, some marginally Jewish with black heritage.  But they were not necessarily against Israel. Flashing forward 25 years, we have Leo Ferguson, a black man of marginally Jewish heritage who is an adherent to leftist causes, even those that called for the end of Israel. Ferguson began his JSOC and started the ball rolling to help BLM link its movement to attacking Israel. Ferguson affiliates with JVOP but some research suggests he may not have spoken for everyone in JFEJ. Nevertheless, JVOP is quick to step up and say this new Black organization is another group that just happens to use the JVOP website and repeat all its anti-Israel rhetoric word for word. The JVOP wolf in sheep’s clothing to attack Jews wants credit for the new group JFEJ because it could mean more largesse from the likes of George Soros.  Jewish communities in America and those concerned with the existence of a Jewish state in the midst of an unrelenting campaign to trick people to think American Jews will one day reject Israel need to be vigilant and always on guard. War is being waged against Israel in new and deceptive ways. And Israel’s intelligence agencies also need to keep an eye on “Black-Jewish delegations” entering Israel to incite riots and bring race riots such as occurred in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charleston to the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.





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