Islamist Terrorism in Canada

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 @ 3:07AM

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The terror attacks in Montreal and Ottawa Canada should have not surprised anyone.

The recent jihadist attacks attacks in Montreal and Ottawa came after years of repeated calls to fight the infidel by Canadian Islamist religious and “civic” leaders-including Imams and new coverts to Islam. They use mosques, Islamic centers, demonstrations, YouTube, print, online and social media. Though most state they are not supporting the ISIS, they advocate the very same ideology.

And despite ISIS proven brutality and heightened recruitment campaigns, many in the West, including the U.S. and Canada continue to chronically suffer from Political Correctness, refusing to identify the jihadist as Muslims. They all but ignore jihadist yelling Allah- Akbar while spraying bullets into crowds, or stabbing to death pedestrians. Instead, they claim these are misguided, or meanly ill individuals, refusing to acknowledge that while not all Muslims are jihadists, all jihadists are Muslims.

Muhammad Robert Heft, the Toronto based convert to Islam, seems to be well guided and very well funded.

Heft, founded and runs the Paradise Forever, (P4E Support Group Inc.), as a part of his Da’wah (proselytization efforts). Heft is also the Canadian representative for Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charity and Humanitarian Establishment based in Dubai UAE, (مؤسسة محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم للأعمال الخيرية والإنساني) -, a member of the Union of Good, an umbrella organization that supports Hamas. The Union of Good was declared an “unlawful organization” in 2002 by the Israeli government and The U.S. Treasury Department designated it an SDGT in 2008 because of its ties to Hamas.

On his Facebook, Heft blames “Westerners” of “terrorism” aimed at the Muslim world. He argues that “Islamic terrorism” is an “oxymoron” because Muslims “use the Quran and the Sunnah [Muhammad’s way of life] as their guide.” Moreover, western capitalism is prone to terrorism by its nature, because “terrorism can be very profitable,” he claims.

Incredibly, Heft also serves as a community outreach liaison on Islamist radicalization for Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Last year two major terrorist plots were thwarted. In April 2013, the RCMP arrested Chihab Esseghaier, resident of Montreal of Tunisian descent, and Raed Jaser, a Kuwaiti of Palestinian descent, on suspicion of planning to blow up VIA train on Niagara bridge on course to the US. Three months later John Stewart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody, both converts to Islam who lived as a couple, were arrested on suspicion of planning to bomb parliament building in Victoria, BC.

Earlier this month the heads of the RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), told a Parliamentary committee that between 130 to 145 Canadian left the country to join wide range of terrorist activities abroad; 30 of them went to Syria and 80 returned to Canada. And Public Safety Minister, Steven Blaney, revealed that there are currently 63 open federal police investigations into about 100 suspected terrorists in Canada.

A treasure trove of detailed information on other Canadian Muslims’ preaching participation in jihad can be found on an ACD’s Fellow, Jonathan D. Halevi’s blog, Alternative Angle. Yet, Canadian media outlets have ridiculed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s repeated warnings that “the threat posed by ISIL is real… [if this threat is left unchecked it] “can only grow and grow quickly.”such threats “are very, very real.”

Indeed, Canadian nationals who left the country and joined ISIS comprise severe security threat. Canadian ISIS sympathizers boast about their pledges of allegiance to ISIS and its self proclaimed Caliph, on social media.

Calgarian Farah Shirdon, who joined ISIS and burned his Canadian passport, explicitly threatened Canada, in a propaganda video, the U.S. and “all oppressors”: “We are coming and we will destroy you by the will of God,” Shirdon says on the video and added: “we are coming to slaughter you.”

Canadian convert to Islam, who joined ISIS and is known by the alias “Abu Khalid Al-Kanadi,” called on “True Canadian Muslims” to launch attacks in reaction to Canada’s help to the international military campaign against ISIS. On October 4 he wrote in his Twitter account the following twits calling Muslims “to Fulfill your duty of Jihad in Canada. Abu Khalid Al-Kanadi echoed ISIS official threatening message issued on September 21, 2014, “Indeed Your Lord Is Ever Watchful” in which all countries participating in the military coalition, including the U.S. Canada, were warned of the future implications to their security by their own Muslim citizens who were called upon to carry out the jihad at home.

“O soldiers of the Islamic State, be ready for the final campaign of the crusaders… O America, O allies of America, and O crusaders, know that the matter is more dangerous than you have imagined and greater than you have envisioned…we promise you by Allah’s permission that this campaign will be your final campaign. It will be broken and defeated, just as all your previous campaigns were broken and defeated, except that this time we will raid you thereafter, and you will never raid us. We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women, by the permission of Allah, the Exalted…“It is you who started the transgression against us, and thus you deserve blame and you will pay a great price. You will pay the price when your economies collapse. You will pay the price when your sons are sent to wage war against us and they return to you as disabled amputees, or inside coffins, or mentally ill. You will pay the price as you are afraid of travelling to any land. Rather you will pay the price as you walk on your streets, turning right and left, fearing the Muslims. You will not feel secure even in your bedrooms…” And on and on.

“The civilian outfit does not make blood illegal to spill, and the military uniform does not make blood legal to spill. The only things that make blood illegal and legal to spill are Islam and a covenant (peace treaty, dhimma, etc.). Blood becomes legal to spill through disbelief. So whoever is a Muslim, his blood and wealth are sanctified. And whoever is a disbeliever, his wealth is legal for a Muslim to take and his blood is legal to spill. His blood is like the blood of a dog; there is no sin for him in spilling it nor is there any blood money to be paid for doing such…

“If you are not able to find an IED or a bullet, then single out the disbelieving American, Frenchman, or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him. Do not lack. Do not be contemptible. Let your slogan be, “May I not be saved if the cross worshiper and taught (ruling by man made laws) patron survives. If you are unable to do so, then burn his home, car, or business. Or destroy his crops…”

These calls do not distinguish between the politically correct in Canada and elsewhere who refrain from identifying the ‘soldiers of Allah’ as Muslims. Like all infidels, they too will be slaughtered. The jihadists are Muslims believers, who like ISIS will do what it takes to kill as many infidels as they are allowed to target.

The latest attacks in Canada should serve as a wake up call to Canadian, Americans and the rest of the West: if you refrain from undermining the Islamist ideology, it will only grow stronger to destroy you.



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