ISIS Takes a Chapter from the Palestinian Incitement Book

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Thursday, October 22nd, 2015 @ 11:07PM

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Left: Screenshot“Infographic by Islamic State militants on how to kill Jews”

Bi-Partisan Congressional condemnations of the Palestinian Authority (PA) for inciting violence against Israelis, such as passed by House Foreign Affairs Committee on October 22, 2015 provides moral support, but do nothing to stop the attacks. Moreover, condemnations by Congress are often used to further fuel the Palestinian hate industry.

Take for example the July 27, 2001, H. CON. RES.202 — Condemning the Palestinian Authority and a variety of Palestinian organizations for using children as soldiers and inciting children to acts of violence and war.”

Fourteen years later, many of those children, encouraged the Palestinian leadership are teaching their own offsprings to do the same. Successful attackers and their families are glorified and are financially rewarded by the PA, and/or Hamas.

Today’s resolution, which was initiated by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R), also called on the State Department to “monitor and publish information on all official incitement by the Palestinian Authority against Jews and the State of Israel.” To what end?

The United Nations, the European Union and the international media ignore the Palestinian leadership’s highly praised and widely distributed videos of Palestinians stabbing Jewish men, women and children, even that of a little Palestinian little girl wielding a large knife declaring: “I want to stab a Jew” that was  posted by her adoring father on his Facebook page. Such inflammatory propaganda, we are told, is the result of deep rooted resentment of the “Israeli  occupation.”

In the meantime, videos similar to that of Palestinian children wielding knives or enacting the killing of a Jew, have also been used by ISIS, showing young boys and girls training how to slaughter infidels and lately also Israelis. Clearly, ISIS tries to emulate the Palestinian successful hate propaganda and gain more influence among the Palestinians who pioneered modern jihad against Israel and the West.

Spotlight on Global Jihad reports on ISIS’s newly formed  media arm, the Al-Masra Foundation, to handle the Palestinian issue. “The areas that the foundation handles include monitoring everything related to the issue of Al-Aqsa and publishing those materials, stimulating the Islamic nation to carry out jihad in order to reclaim the holy places that were stolen, first and foremost Al-Aqsa and the rest of the holy soil, and spreading awareness among Muslims about the importance of strengthening the foundations of the Islamic Caliphate.”

The foundation established a website that “showcases agitating and inciting content calling for action against Israel, using religious imperatives and elements and visual means designed to evoke the users’ Muslim sentiments and influence them to take action. The content on the website includes: news on the subject of Jerusalem and links to videos documenting the terror attacks, glorifying the shahids and encouraging further terrorist activity. The website includes links to a number of videos produced by ISIS on the subject of Al-Aqsa and Palestine.” Clearly, the success of the

For the full Spotlight on Global Jihad, click here.



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