Time to Hand Out the Goebbels Propaganda Award

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Thursday, July 31st, 2014 @ 2:26AM

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Left: Hitler’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels

The competition among Western media outlets in spreading pro-Hamas propaganda, thus legitimizing its murderous agenda, should be recognized by giving the most biased anti-Israeli reporting the Goebbels Propaganda Award. Choosing the worst offender will be difficult.

The U.S. response to al Qaeda’s 9/11 attacks of three sites in the homeland was not to negotiate with al Qaeda, or their Afghan sponsors, the Taliban. Together with British forces they launched an intense bombing campaign in Afghanistan.

Unlike Israel’s extraordinary efforts to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza, by dropping leaflets warning to move away from Hamas sites to avoid military strikes, the U.S. and Brits did no such thing. There were no apologies for invading a country that harbored terrorists, no negotiations, no ceasefires, no live videos of bleeding and dead Afghan children, and no Charlie Rose interviews with Taliban or al Qaeda leaders, the like he held with Hamas leader the terrorist Khaled Mashaal on PBS on July 28.and no Charlie Rose interviews with Taliban or al Qaeda leaders, the like he conducted with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, on PBS on July 28.

photo copy-465Yet, when Israel responds to Hamas’s raining thousands of rockets down on Israel, media outlets such as American-owned CNN, like Qatari-owned al Jazeera, show the death and destruction in Gaza, accusing not the terrorist Hamas for using Gazans as human shields, but Israel, which is fighting for its survival.

Moreover, assorted current and former U.S. officials and other Middle East and counter-terrorism experts on TV protest Israel’s attacks on Hamas, arguing the videos of bleeding Palestinians help to recruit more jihadists and accuse Israel for causing that, too. Of course they are free to express their opinion. But when falsely blaming Israel for the Hamas-caused bloodshed in Gaza, they not only help the Islamist terrorist agenda, but also support incitement to jihad among Muslims everywhere.

The media bias against Israel reflects the views of the Left/Progressive and Islamic-oppression-friendly political elites. Not surprisingly, the competition among media outlets to legitimize Hamas and other jihadist terrorist groups, while demonizing Israel, is rife. Expect many runners-up for the Goebbels Propaganda Award.

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