Chemical Terrorism

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Friday, October 17th, 2014 @ 3:19AM

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Last August when President Obama announced the successful elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, he went on the call on the Assad regime to “follow through on its promise to destroy remaining chemical weapons facilities.” At the same time, he stressed his concern “about omissions and discrepancies in Syria’s declaration to the organization that oversaw the destruction.” Earlier this month, however, Israeli defense experts said that Syria retained some of its WMD. And after ISIS seized the Al Muthanna chemical complex in northern Iraq last June, “The United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) and the United Nations Monitoring, Verification, and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) inspectors” reported that whatever was there has been degraded or destroyed. Maybe.

Click here to read the full presentation of Chemical Terrorism: The Roles and Limits of Science Technology. Or click here to watch the presentation on Youtube.

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